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Monkey Knife Fight


You’re probably wondering, what in the world is Monkey Knife Fight? With a name like that, it’s got to be something pretty interesting. Well, you’re right. It is! 


Taking the best parts of both traditional gambling and classic fantasy sports, Monkey Knife Fight brings them together to create a new style of legal mobile gaming. By leveling the playing field, the site allows for you to play against the house, and not the pros. Above all, it’s more fun!


The mission behind Monkey Knife Fight is bigger than gaming, it’s a company committed to building a brand that will intersect with, and drive culture. Their goal is the be the number one fantasy sports brand in North America. This program was based out of the US which targeted the most important markets within California.

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With the goal of updating and creating an identity with a more youthful and modern feel, Captive provided Baseball Regina with an entirely new brand identity kit. 


This kit provides a guide with the brand color, font and logo and how they are to be used. 



Using an Experiential Marketing approach, the Monkey Knife Fight Street Team took to the streets, interacting with patrons at sporting facilities and in and around bars to discuss sports, fantasy gaming, and the combination of both of these worlds through the Monkey Knife Fight website. 


While talking about fantasy gaming and sports is the initial icebreaker, the conversations shift to MKF’s ultimate goal of gaining new players for the site. 


Interested patrons received an explanation of the platform, it’s ease of use, and it’s advantages over competitors.  

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Ambassadors encouraged fans to sign-up for the MKF site in exchange for free MKF play money to be deposited directly into their new site account, as well as a branded swag item.


For fans interested in taking it a step further, they have the option of entering CC information and gaining an instant match of their initial deposit up to $50. 



In addition to providing background on the website during their in person interactions, the MKF ambassadors also collected email information from patrons. 


This provided Monkey Knife Fight with the opportunity to not only grow their internal email database, but also provide patrons with further information and promos through email messaging in the future.  

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Each MKF Street Team member carried a branded backpack full of various swag items to distribute to fans throughout activation's.


This was an additional avenue taken to elevate the fan experience through small gestures, while also enticing fans to enroll. 


Fans have the option of choosing from branded hats, t-shirts, or a Monkey Knife Fight bobble head.

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 new accounts created by adult sports fans per night during the Los Angeles activation.

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