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National Smokeless Tobacco Company



The National Smokeless Tobacco Company (NSTC) carries smokeless tobacco products that offer adult consumers an alternative to cigarettes and cigars. 


As more adults switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping or smokeless tobacco products, there is a lot to learn about why consumers are choosing to make this transition, or their decision to choose smokeless tobacco over other products initially. 


In an effort to gain insight into the usage of tobacco, smokeless tobacco and cannabis related products in adult males, NSTC, through Captive, ran a data capture campaign. 


Using brand ambassadors, strategic timing and locations, and specific per hour targets, Captive aided in achieving NSTC’s goal of increasing their knowledge and email database of their target demographic.

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To create a campaign in which NSTC could engage with their legal age or older customer base through the legal channels of email marketing, Captive created an age-gated data collection app and would approach and gather information from their audience. This strategy lead to an increase in NSTC's email database, furthered customer engagement, and served to collect valuable information to aid in future products, and campaigns.

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While approaching patrons to talk about their cannabis and smokeless tobacco usage isn’t an easy task, the NSTC Research Team was equipped with extensive training, icebreakers, and also coffee cards that were given to patrons after providing their information.



For this project, Captive created three apps to gather and collect the data for the client, an iOS survey App, the CMS, and the decryption tool.






adult consent sign-up forms completed per year since 2005. 

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